Why Handplaning?

“I’ve had some frustrating times surfing, but I've never had a bad time bodysurfing.”  Dan Malloy  

Handplaning is a fun way to enhance your bodysurfing session!  

 Using a handplane allows you to:

  • Catch waves easier and faster 
  • Surf longer rides
  • Hold your line
  • Change direction
  • Push through the barrel before closeouts 

The best way to maximize your handplaning experience is to:

  • Wear swim fins (flippers).  Swim fins allow you to optimize propulsion and help you to catch, ride and kick out of waves.

 Surf smart and remember to:

  • Surf to your abilities.
  • Exit the wave before it closes out in the shallows.
Bodysurfing is a safe, fun sport but caution is always a must with any water sport.

                                   Now get in the water and enjoy the ride!