Caring for Your New Handplane

Congrats on your new Santa Barbara Stoked Handplane!  A lot of care went into making your handplane so that it's the best looking, most high performance and durable handplane in the water.  


Caring for your handplane is simple:

  • After each session, rinse your handplane off with fresh water and then dry with a soft cloth or towel.  We designed your handplane bag to be gentle enough to wipe down your board after a surf but also durable enough to protect it from the sand and sun.  If the leather handle is still damp, allow it to continue drying indoors. 

  • To care for the leather handle, we recommend conditioning it every 5-10 sessions or when it gets stiff or looks too dry.  You can use a leather conditioner or natural oil, like coconut oil.  We prefer to use an oil + beeswax product for added waterproofing, like Burt's Bees Hand Salve. 

  • Since bodysurfing takes place close to shore, dings will happen.  Scratches will not hurt the wood, but if you get a deep ding that has penetrated the wood, then we recommend applying a dab of teak oil (we use Minwax teak oil) to the spot (not the entire board).  To do this, you can use a clean cloth or small paintbrush, and you might need to apply a couple coats depending on how deep the ding is.  If sanding is required, we recommend starting with 1500 grit sandpaper.

  • If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.  

    Thank you for supporting Santa Barbara Stoked.  We know you will feel stoked riding your new board!