Our Logo

Santa Barbara, labeled the “American Riviera,”  is a gorgeous city along central California, that is nestled between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.  The city offers awesome surf, beautiful hiking trails and the best restaurants and local beer and wine in California.  

We feel stoked to call Santa Barbara our home and we wanted our logo to represent its awesomeness.  Creating our logo, we grabbed the castle from the Santa Barbara flag to symbolize the city’s namesake, Saint Barbara, and then incorporated the mountains and ocean-waves to reflect the city’s surroundings.   

If you are stoked with our logo then be sure to purchase Santa Barbara Stoked T-shirts, hats and stickers !  All handplane purchases include stickers and a custom handplane bag.  

Thank you for supporting us! 

A huge thank you to Dustin Patterson for helping us create our awesome logo!